New part create how to release

Hi, I am new to Aras Innovator and exploring this application for our organisation I have entered few parts for testing purpose and now wanted to realese this as a BOM. Also I have entered one part number for the BOM. Now let me know how to release this BOM. I am trying to this but getting message that like individual parts are nor released. What to do and what is complete process for this Thanks Satish  
  • Hi, I am new to Aras Innovator, too. Doing the same things as Satish, unfortunately I have the problem the other way round: I tried to release the parent p/n expecting a refusal, as all the children were still preliminary, but it went through to state 'released'. Any help? Thanks Jason.fc

  • Hi Jason,

    what you see is default Innovator behavior. If you want to check your BOM for not released parts, you have to use a Method. For manual release you can use a Method in the Preliminary->Released lifecycle pre path. The method can query for all is_released = 0 Parts. I would recommend you use a GetItemRepeatConfig to cover all levels .