Looking for sample data for Aras 12.0 SP18


is there a set of sample data available for Aras 12.0 SP18? The current sample data I found here https://www.aras.com/en/support/sample-data is not compatible with 12.0 SP18.

Thank you.
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  • As far as I know there is no public available sample data for 12 SP18. I assume you use Aras Update tool to import the package?

    Then you could try this one weird trick: Go to 'Variables' in Aras and change the VersionServicePack Variable from SP18 to SP9. This way we fool the Update tool and you should be able to import the data package.

    Of course revert the Variable change after import and only to these kind of tests in a test instance.

    Edit: Have seen you work for an Aras partner. Why don´t you use the official partner demo package? 
    If my above tip work, you are encouraged to invite me at next ACE :)

  • Thank you for your answer.

    I used the Sample Database Installer (ArasInnovatorSampleDB.exe). Changing the VersionServicePack variable did not solve the issue. Still in the end I got the error "You are attempting to install the sample database to Aras Innovator 12.0 SP18. The sample database requires Aras Innovator 12.0 SP9".

    But the problem is solved now. I found one who had installed SP9, he made an upgrade to SP18 and exported the sample database from his system. That one I was able to import via SQL Management Studio...

    I'm just doing my very first steps with Aras. The installation of an Aras Server and the import of the sample DB was just for exercise.

  • Welcome to the Innovator community world! Smiley

    In the past Aras provided the sample data as regular Import package, which was easier to use across the various versions. But as Aras extended the demo package with a lot of additional item (vault files...), they probably had to switch to the new Installer approach.

    I once used the "Version change trick" for another import were it worked just perfectly. Of course that´s not a guarantee that it will work for all scenarios, so your feedback is a good hint for the success-rate of this technique.

    Happy that you were able to find a solution!

  • Of course that´s not a guarantee that it will work for all scenarios

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