How to change Part/Document default revision from alpha to numeric

Hi All,

I am newbie, using the Aras Innovator. 

I found the default revision set as alpha. I tried to change it to numeric but causing errors when I try change it back to alpha as all the item created has been used as alpha previously. 

Instead of replacing the default "revision" setting from A B C D... to 1 2 3 4.....,  I guess it can be solved by creating a new "revision1" rule with numeric setting.

Then I need to write few codes to employ it only to the part/document type property, however I am not sure how to do it correctly here. 

Could anyone teach me here?

I found a post that exactly same happen to me. 


Highly appreciate your help!

Br, Magga

  • Solved: 

    Create a new rules for revision, said numeric_revision

    Go Item types --> Part / Product / Document / CAD Document --> Edit --> Change the revision list to "numeric_revision"

  • You can specify document-level drafting settings for revision tables. To open this page, Alpha/numerical control, Select letters or numbers for revision table tags. These options are not Change all to change previous revisions to the new format. Multiple sheet style  Related tasks. Implementing Document Layer Defaults.