How to set up an alternate vault

Hello, to use an alternate vault, I installed a stand-alone vault in a separate server(Server 2). But I can only add files into default vault in Server 1, can not add them into this new vault. Server 1 consists of Innovator server and default vault. During installation of alternate vault, I’ve followed the steps: 1. Run installer, perform custom installation, select “Vault Server” setup component ONLY, installation path is default as official installation guide 2. Name the vault as “New”, Application Server URL as “http://<server 1 hostname>/<web_alias>/Server/InnovatorServer.aspx” After that, in Server 1 Innovator, “Administration-->FileHandling-->Vault”, 1. Added a new record with name “New” 2. Set Vault URL Pattern to “http://<server 2 hostname>/vault/VaultServer.aspx” If I try to upload a file into innovator (e.g. create a “Document” item, add a file into it), it shows running(uploading) status, but no response. I’ve also tried to modify default vault URL to http://<server 2 hostname>/vault/VaultServer.aspx”, result was the same. Have I missed some steps? Should some config. files be modified manually? Thank you for reply in advance Regards, chenze