How to stop sending emails to some users

Hello Everyone,

I don't want to send emails to few users (like Inactive users, some users left the company). there is any way or setting for stop sending email to selected user. I know we can add custom method and call before sending email from all workflow, conversion task, methods, life cycles but we don't want to update everywhere. Any one know how we can do this?

In User Itemtype there is a property "mail_stop" any one know, how its works? 

  • Hi,

    I think mail_stop is something American for regular postal service. It´s not related to emails.

    Within your Workflows, Lifecycles and Methods I assume you don´t have hard-coded your users. You normally assign generic identities like "All Employees", "Creator", "Owner", "CM" and others.

    If you work this way, I would recommend to remove the inactive users from these identities. This way they will not be part of the email recipient group anymore.
    I am not sure, but as far as I remember "removing" the email address is not the best choice for this one as it will lead to error messages.


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