Failed login

I have an experimental installation of Aras V12.0 running smoothly on Windows 10 Pro machine over one year.  I ran into a problem after a recent Windows update.  Now when I enter user name/password and click Login, user name/password fields immediately become blank again and nothing else happens.  There are no warnings or error messages.  Giving wrong password does show Authentication failed error message. 

It is the same behavior with all installed databases and with different browsers and whether I try to login locally or remotely. I am able to connect to server and browse database through Aras Export utility so the problem seems to be with IIS.  Has anyone else run into similar problem?


  • Hi schauhan, are all applications pools are active in IIS? Is one or more not working? If one or more is not working, do they immediately crash on restart?

  • Thanks Anglealp.  Get-IISAppPool command shows following pools are started:

    Aras Innovator, Aras Conversion, Aras OAuth AppPool, Aras SelfServiceReporting AppPool, and Aras Vault AppPool


  • Hard to tell. Windows updates can lead to problems sometimes. But the one I know at least show up with an error message.

    I wonder if your current login page is really working or if you just see a cached version. What will happen if you delete browser cache and cookies. Still same behavior?

    You can also check the server logs or event monitor.