Actions button/pulldown doesn't do anything

New to Aras - trying to convince mgt that excel doesn't scale and need a real PDM/PLM
Probably regret asking, but....
 - Did a new install of v11.0 SP9
 - Logged in as Admin (should have god-like powers and out-of-box defaults)
 - Created a part.
 - AML tab at bottom
 - Actions button/pulldown doesn't do anything - except some tiny blink (bottom right)
 - None of the Actions buttons work (Part, Document, etc) 


In my next installment of noob questions I'll ask why I can't Add New when 
right-clicking on any Sourcing item.

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  • I figure I will be going for the float as it is most ordinarily utilized, anyway ought to the 'apply as' likewise be interactive all things considered? I dont have anyplace where the client ought to go as they have to characterize their decision first. It feels wrong to have a catch that isn't really interactive, yet just capacity as a placeholder for the dropdown. View More.

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