Actions button/pulldown doesn't do anything

New to Aras - trying to convince mgt that excel doesn't scale and need a real PDM/PLM
Probably regret asking, but....
 - Did a new install of v11.0 SP9
 - Logged in as Admin (should have god-like powers and out-of-box defaults)
 - Created a part.
 - AML tab at bottom
 - Actions button/pulldown doesn't do anything - except some tiny blink (bottom right)
 - None of the Actions buttons work (Part, Document, etc) 


In my next installment of noob questions I'll ask why I can't Add New when 
right-clicking on any Sourcing item.

  • Arrrrggggg..... I figured it out. While "Admin" does have god-like powers, those powers aren't enabled by default. I needed to go into all the ItemTypes and give myself  "Can Add" access.
  • The previous care takers of our database created a Parts List ItemType where the document and all of the parts are attached to.  Then the Part pulls the Parts List to display, instead of using the Part and BOM feature built into the system.  I have a report that is supposed to act like the BOM reports, but a couple of them lock up the system and the one that does run, has errors until I can get to a low enough level to run it.  I have been trying to figure out why the report produces an error, but have not had much luck so far.

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