Login Issue

After installing Aras I have got a login screen with the error shown in the enclosed screen grab. I have tried admin as user and Innovator as password and the database log-in, but without success. Can anybody provide help. omegle alternative

  • Orinwisozka,

    That message indicates something is wrong with your framework license. It could have expired, or it could be for a different machine or network device. Either way, you should be able to request a new one from https://www.aras.com/support/LicenseKeyService/ and receive it shortly. Once you have the new license, replacing the old one is slightly more technical, but only a little bit- go to where you installed your instance (probably C:/Program Files (x86)/Aras/Innovator, but you could have placed it in a custom location) and look for the InnovatorServerConfig.xml file. Open it up, and inside there's a line that starts "<License lic_type=" before showing your license and activation keys. You should be able to replace that line with the one you received from the key service. Save, then go back to your browser and log in again. It should work, and if it doesn't, let us know and we can dig a little deeper.

    Skyler C