How to import thumbnail images for parts using batch loader?

I've worked out how to import all other part data, including related item types such as xproperties

I'm stuck on getting the thumbnail images imported, however, as "thumbnail" is just a property of data type image with no data source. I can reference a filename in the import file, but how do I tell Batch Loader the location of the file?

Or should all files just be dumped somewhere specific (e.g. under .../Client/Customer or .../Client/Images) and the Batchloader knows where to find them?

Bonus Question: If I load images into .../Client/Customer or .../Client/Images, whilst the Image Browser picks up the folders, it is unable to recognise the image files and I have to use External File. What do I need to do to get Image Browser to recognise the new files?

Thank you!

  • Do you use a lot of identical thumbnails or are they all unique?

    Thumbnails in the "customer" folder are useful when they shall be reused very very often. Then you just can dump them there and import the link. When you have a lot of "unique" thumbnails, these are better located in the Vault or subsection in the customer folder, cause people simple would get lost when searching for the commonly used images. 

    Using a mixed approach is nothing uncommon for images.