Edge Minimum Browser Requirements

Hello -

I just upgraded from 12sp4 to 12sp9 but I am receiving an error when I use the Edge browser with SP9 (no error with SP4).  The error says:

"The browser has failed the minimum browser requirement check. Please contact your system administrator to confirm your client against the platform requirements."

I looked in both the 12sp9 installation manual as well as the "Client Settings for Edge on Windows" document and there is no mention of a required version for Edge in either document.

I am using this version of Edge: "Microsoft Edge 44.18362.449.0"

What version is acceptable?



  • Michael,

    Just tested, and Microsoft Edge version 85.0.564.44 works with SP9. It looks like starting in SP6, Aras Innovator started supporting only the Chromium versions of Edge, which means the minimum version is probably Edge 79. (The first of the chromium versions.) I haven't tested 79, but I can confirm 85 works at least. 

    Hope that helps!

    Skyler C.