Configuration file missing when adding SP9 as a reference package in Aras Update


I get an error when adding the new SP as a reference file to Aras Update to upgrade Innovator. 

"Configuration file missing in path G:\ ... package.config"

Must I extract the Zip within the Aras install folder (x86)?

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  • Hi Nithin, thanks for the response.

    How would I ensure this?

  • Hi Duncanwilliamgibbons,

    Usually when using Aras Update any package you are giving it should come with a package.config file. The zip file you are using, did it contain a package.config?

    Another thing I can think of that might cause it to throw that error even if you are pointing it to the config file is maybe a permissions issue if you are extracting this file to (x86). Try extracting it to another folder with less permissions.



  • I extracted it on my external HD, but don't see a package.config file, not even when searching within the .zip file.

  • Hi Duncan,

    Just for better understanding can you tell me where you got the CD package from? Normally its within the patch zip file that comes with the CD Image.



  • Hi Duncan,

    Ok just to confirm in Aras Update on the "local" tab when you select "Add package reference" are you pointing it to the root directory (within 12 SP9 CD Image\Utilities\Aras Innovator 12.0 SP9 Patch)? This is the directory that the package.config is located in. 

    Another thing that might be causing you issues is possibly the path length, you can try copying the patch file to a location closer to C:/ or whichever drive you are using and point Aras Update there instead. 

    There was also a new release of Aras Update, I myself had run into an issue when testing this on my own machine. I would uninstall the version of Aras Update you have and install the latest one. 

    Hope this helps!


  • Thanks, works with the latest Aras update application.

    Getting an incompatibility error now when installing the patch.

    Do I have to extract all the zip files within the SP 9 utility folder?

  • Hi Duncan,

    Nope the only file you need to extract is the Aras Innovator 12.0 SP9 When you are installing through Aras Update can you run it with detailed logging, does it say anything before it fails with the incompatibility error. Also what version of Innovator are you currently running?


  • Currently running Version 12.0 SP8  Build: 22759

    Log contents:

    2020-08-24 18:29:22,266 [5] INFO Aras.Tools.ArasUpdateGui.Logger Checking package started: 'G:\Aras\CD Images\12.0 SP9 CD Image\Utilities\package.config'
    2020-08-24 18:29:22,291 [5] INFO Aras.Tools.ArasUpdateGui.Logger Checking package finished
    2020-08-24 18:29:23,072 [5] ERROR Aras.Tools.ArasUpdateGui.Logger Source file does not exist or could not be found: C:\Program Files (x86)\Aras\Innovator\Innovator\Innovator\Client\scripts\include\
    2020-08-24 18:29:23,072 [5] ERROR Aras.Tools.ArasUpdateGui.Logger Aras.Tools.ArasUpdateCore.Implementations.Commands.CheckCompatibilityPackageCommand: Source file does not exist or could not be found: C:\Program Files (x86)\Aras\Innovator\Innovator\Innovator\Client\scripts\include\
    2020-08-24 18:29:23,076 [5] INFO Aras.Tools.ArasUpdateGui.Logger Operation 'Install' failed

  • Ohh ok when it asks you for the instance location, you need to point it to the Innovator folder in that directory.