Data Parsing the ARAS Innovator using MATLAB


I am working on a project where I spend a lot of time to upload & download data from ARAS. ARAS is a Project Lifecycle Management Repository where we download spec documents & upload the final development data. For more information,

The amount of time spent to upload / download is too high. We are looking at the option of automating th e upload / download of data from ARAS. Currently, I am able to simply open the ARAS via MATLAB script but unable to parse data. 

I would like to know if its possible using MATLAB script to open, search the data from the repository, download the data..?

Thanks in advance.


  • Hello Freliq,

    My suggestion would be to use the REST API to talk to Aras Innovator. Take a look at this article for an overview of the Aras Innovator side of things, perhaps starting with something simple like "GET http://{server}/{web alias}/server/odata/Part/$count" (or some itemtype you use instead of Part) and then broadening your queries to whatever information you need. I'm not sure how you're currently opening Aras Innovator via MATLAB script, but if you can use the webread() function then I believe something like the following would be a start.

    s = webread('http://{server}/{web alias}/server/odata/Part/$count')

    Once you've got some basic traffic between your script and your server, we can help you refine and expand your api calls to get the data you need. It sounds like you're more familiar with MATLAB, so this has the advantage of letting you spend more time in the environment you're familiar with. Alternately if you can tell us a bit more information on your current approach we might be able to figure out what you need to do parse what you've got open, but an api call might still be easier to parse.

    Skyler C.