How to export basic CUI configurations?

I have the following question:

I would like to export some basic modifications of the CUI (User Interface). For Example I would like to hide some Buttons or add some separators for the different toolbars and menues.

After finishing my modifications on the CUI I'm not sure how to export those modifications and which target package I should selectfor export.

  • Hi Daniel

    You can import this find parent package ( solution to your ARAS environment to find which package the items are added to.

    Once you import this package, follow below steps

    Navigate to ItemTypes

    Search for GlobalPresentationConfig

    Open and Under actions relationship, add labs_FindParentPackage action

    Save and Unlock the item type

    Right click on client presentation and select Find Parent Package to view the current package of that item.

    Mostly CUI will be in com.aras.innovator.cui_default package

    Thank You

    Gopikrishnan R