Does anyone have experience coding for Aras Innovator in C#?

I've been asked to program scripts for this PLM system at work recently, and I'm just looking for tips on programming for it, and exactly aol mail login what kind of stuff I can do for it (ie can I do any visual C# coding for it). Any good website links would help too.
I'm fairly new to C# in general, and currently am 2 years into a Computer Science college course which for the most part focuses in Java and some C, so I apologize in advance if I make rookie mistakes in responses >_< or tend to miss the obvious as I often do.

  • Yes, I have can you explain more on this .. 

  • Hello Jrjong,

    Welcome to working in Aras Innovator :) It'll do just about anything you want to do in base C#, and while I sympathize with the transition from C to C# I think you'll find the later to be a more relaxing experience. (I liked playing with pointers myself, but everyone else appreciates me not playing with pointers.) Have you found the Method editor? That's the place to start writing some simple scripts I'd imagine. If you're used to visual C#, you might want to take a look at the alternate method editor. That will get you some of the convenience of Visual Studio and maybe help you feel a little more at home.

    If you're just looking for examples of what's possible, Eric Domke's cookbook has helped me in the past, especially on my first decent sized project in Aras Innovator. Feel free to look at existing Methods as well (though careful to look not touch in anything marked Core!) for examples or inspiration, or even just picking up local convention. Lastly, if I may plug Aras Labs for a moment, there are blog posts for both beginners and the advanced- off the top of my head, there's one on Server Side Best Practices you might find helpful. 

    If you have more specific questions, or if there's something you're stuck on, these forums are always here as well! 

    Skyler C.