Aras PLM or/and PDM

Hello, Excuse me for my ignorance but Aras is considered a PLM software (because we can manage the lifecycle for our products from WIP-review and also create BOM etc) or/and it is considered a PDM software (because we can manage our files)? Thank you in advance!
  • It can be both, Aras did not come out of a CAD file system extension like many competitors. It was design from scratch to be an extensible solution and resilient in order to last despite the changes of the industrial context. It started I believe more as a PLM but with the help of our integrators partners we do also PDM for multiple customers. The connectors are available out of the box.
  • Adding to Yoann's comment --- Aras Innovator is a PLM Platform that you can use to support nearly all of your business process.  The platform contains the services and modeling capability to capture how you work.  Aras Applicaitons are bundled capabilities of Aras Innovator aimed at specific needs like manufacturing, quality or technical documentation.  Everything is built on the platform, therefore everything is compatible and connected. We hope you give it a try to see how powerful it really is. Dave