How to View only CAD document instead of downloading it

I am trying to create an CAD document where I attached a CAD file as Viewable file, I want to only show that file to logged in user instead of downloading it, so is there any option, or how we can configure that to view only the CAD File.
  • Hi, I have a similar problem. I am using Aras in its free version, as Administrator. Everything works fine except for the display of CAD files (Rhinoceros 3D and Solidworks) and word documents. I can correctly load the files in the Native File field but I can not see them, what happens is that an empty window opens and the file automatically downloads. How could I solve this problem? Will it be related to the vault of my server?

  • Hi Maria,

    I noticed that you posted this same question in several other forum posts. We ask that you please create only a single post per question. Our forums highlight the most recent activity, so creating multiple comments to ask the same thing can hide other people's questions unnecessarily.

    Your question seems to be most related to the original question Maddy asked, so I've deleted the duplicate questions on the other forum posts.


  • Thanks, I wasn't sure of which question my post corresponded, I'll try what you suggest

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