cannot get iis pickup directory

I am trying to send mail, but got this error: cannot get iis pickup directory in my InnovatorConfig.xml, this is the code: <Mail SMTPServer="queue" /> and in IIS, 1. Email-address: my email address 2. I choose "Deliver e-mail to SMTP server" where I mentioned 3. Port : 25   what should I do to send mail?
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  • Hello,

    This error is most commonly thrown when one of the users set to receive the email does not have an email address configured. Could you check the users (TOC > Administration > Users) to make sure they all have an email address?

    If you run into older forum posts like this (more than a year old) in the future that don't answer your question, I'd recommend making an entirely forum post instead of responding with a comment to the older post. It will increase the visibility of your question to everyone in the community.