ES Agent Itemtype not found while installing ES Agent Service


I had installed solr, zookeeper agent and file processor services, firstly it was working fine with agents and crawlers being installed and working, then I had to use a different solr service for my instance so I uninstalled the agent service and reinstalled it again to use the new solr service instance but while installation the following issue saying no ES_Agent item type found. The instance used was same throughout the installation.

After clicking OK on the below screen it was showing the installation is complete but agent was not getting installed and crawlers were also not present.

Any inputs or suggestions would be appreciated.


  • Can you please help me with this one.

  • Hi Divyak02,

    Is your index (solr and node clusters) installed in another machine and the agent in a separate machine? If this is the case it might be that the agent is failing since it cannot communicate with the index in the other machine and it could be related to firewall settings. Are you able to install the agent and file processor in the machine that has the index?

    This is not an error I have seen before, let me know if this helps,


  • Hey, yes they both are in the same machine, I am just using the innovator instance on a different server. Previously the same configuration was working fine. Once I had deleted the ES Agent from the innovator and uninstalled the agent the while installing the agent service again the error came.

    Is it related to deleting the agent from the innovator? May be after deleting the ES Agent from agents somewhere in background the clean up didn't happen.

  • Could be, you can check by going to the file location of the installs. If you used the default it would be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Aras\EnterpriseSearch. If there is a folder for the agent then it did not uninstall correctly previously and you should first uninstall again then delete the folder and reinstall.

  • Yes, I uninstalled the agent services from the programs in the control panel and the folder got deleted from C:\Program Files (x86)\Aras\EnterpriseSearch\. After this step I reinstalled.

  • Can you confirm there is the ES_Agent itemtype in the instance you are installing to? I wonder if this could be a permissions related issue. When you ran the index you used esadmin and when you ran the agent you used root user correct?

  • Yes I checked Itemtype in the instance, ES_Agent and other crawler item types are also present. Yes I had used root user in the agent.

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