Make Report an ItemType Tab

Good day all.  I would like to have the Workflow Process History report displayed as a tab in an ItemType.  How would I go about doing that?  I thought the Signoff ItemType/Forms would do this, but I don't have any results from that.  Thanks for the help.

  • You have to add an extra relationship for your SignsOffs Tab in you Change ItemType. The trick then is that you have to add the shown Form in the RelationshipType of the SignsOffs tab.

    Check out RelationsipType Express ECO Signoff. Than go to the tab Relationship View. Here you will find the link to the Worklfow Signsoffs Form. 

  • Angelalp,

    Thanks for the quick reply.  It took me a little bit to understand what you were referring to.  Here is how I got this to work.

    1)  I went into the Relationship Types section and opened the Signoff relationship associated with my ItemType

    - I had the ItemType unlocked or I could have double clicked on the relationship there.

    2)  With the Relationship Type open, I matched the settings to the Express ECO Signoff RelationshipType.

    - The Name is unique and the Source ItemType was pointed to my ItemType.

    The big thing was to have the Relationship View of the RelationshipType set to World with the form as Workflow Signoffs, just like you said.  When I read your answer I was thinking that it was the ItemType Signoff related to my ItemType. 

    Thank you so much for the help with this!