Issue in ARAS Innovator 12 localhost - very slow


I have installed ARAS Innovator 12 in my laptop which is windows 10. After successful login, TOC page takes more than 30mins to load. Tried in all browsers but facing same issue.

Tried couple of browser settings but none of them are working. Just to create an itemtype it would probably take 15mins. Could you pls suggest some solution for localhost speed up.


  • Sowmyak,

    That's slower than I've ever seen before! On my machine, it takes maybe ten seconds, usually more like two. What are the specifications on your laptop? Usual minimum system requirements are listed on page eight of the installation guide. In particular, I'd look at the memory- it suggests about 6 GB if you're running both the client and the server locally, most of which is the server. You might try a few AML queries to see if you can separate out the database from the UI, but in the end you are going to want both of them running much faster than that.

    At that speed, I'm somewhat surprised it loads at all. Chrome for example usually tries to kill tabs that are waiting that long. Can you get Chrome's developer tools open, as well as perhaps a task manager, and then log in to Aras? That could tell you what your system is bottlenecked on. If something in Task Manager jumps to 100% system utilization, then that category is the shortfall, if elements and files load in very slowly in the DevTools network tab, then you're having some odd trouble talking to the local server, etc.

    Skyler C.

  • Mine too. Super super slow. Frustrating. Constantly losing method code because after two minutes I force close the browser and try again.
    Also, it is super weird to me, but true, that "localhost" is soooo slow, but if I go through my work VPN, dial into the same running Aras v11 or v12 (both are similarly slow) through my work machine's domain name... It is so much faster!? It's the same server! So, to reiterate: Localhost on the very machine the server is running is SLOWER than going out through VPN and back to my machine. So weird. Can't figure it out.

  • Please help! This is way way way too slow! This is loading from localhost. It is vanilla v12.6, or 12.0 + SP6. This is horrible.

  • Unreal. I've a 32G RAM machine and am running LOCALLY! Where is the support around this? This blows. 2 minutes to go from login to navbar rendered... no frills, no reports, no my in basket. This is so slow it is ashamed of itself. And, where's support around this?

  • Have you tried restarting IIS? I mean if it’s installed locally, can you just restart IIS and see if it loads faster after restart?

  • And this issue is specific to chrome or all browsers? What about Edge?

  • Absolutely. Doesn't help. Besides, what kind of unprocessed junk collection would point to IIS before the software running on it? I really want to know? I was thinking IIS allocations or Db allocations of resources, but to no avail.

  • I've only proven this on FF and Chrome. I won't Microsoft my browsers, and thank the universe I don't need to as a requirement!

  • EDIT: 2 hours later and I'm removing this as a suggested answer. I'm now having huge problems. I need to hit login extra times while waiting several minutes. This is not the solution as the behavior has severely deteriorated.

    I [thought I] found a solution that works for me. Intial load time, from auth screen to main gui, on cleared cache with just started IIS is drastically improved from 2 minutes to ~30 seconds.
    On Win10 I hit the Windblows button, typed "IIS" and opened IIS Management. In my reading there were various settings - and even in the hints on the windows there's misinformation to match this old info on the webz. So, the one thing I did change is:

    Right click on Default Site. Goto: Manage Website > Advanced Settings. Find "Preload Enabled" and set it to True.

    Now, open the Default Site tree and find your Innovator site. Repeat the steps for Default Site, ultimately enabling "Preload Enabled".

    Restart IIS and give it a try! Login came up in 2.6secs. From login to main took a lot longer than that, but a lot less than normal!

    NOTE: There's also settings for limits that are on multiple older write-ups around improving IIS performance. They suggest, as the hint text still does, that setting limits with "-1" or "0" is to turn off the limit altogether. I cannot change any to either of those values though. 8ball

    NEXT: I want to see if I can ramp up the speed for responses from the locally running Db! I'll follow up if I manage that and it makes things even faster.

  • When using that machine, and connecting to Aras (so connecting through localhost), we are experiencing some significant delays.  When I enter the localhost web address walmartone in IE and hit enter it takes approximately 40 seconds for the login window to appear