What is the purpose of the hide_where_used property in ItemType definitions?

Hi Community,

I have discovered that all ItemTypes contain a property "hide_where_used". The property is not visible in the ItemTypes Form editor by default, but of course we can add it manually. The property has it´s roots in the ItemType "ItemType".

What is the purpose of this property and how can we use it? When I understand it´s name correctly, it should allow us to hide the Where Used feature for specific ItemTypes. Right now the property is set to "1" for the ItemType "User" only, which would be completely reasonable cause of security reasons.

But the property don´t work. Or it worked in the past, but is not supported any more. When I set it to 1 in my custom ItemTypes, Where Used will never be hidden.

Does anybody know more about this property? Does anyone know how to use it?