Hierarchy of processes, activities, tasks and their respective documentation norms

I am trying to assess Aras's capability as a manufacturing system modeller and QMS document system.

I'm a bit unsure how the hierarchy of processes, activities, tasks etc is defined in Aras. I know there is often many different terms for the same thing used within industry and academia. Below is an example hierarchy I refer to, can this be represented in Aras and what is the terminology used by Aras?

1. High-level organisational processes (planning, manufacturing, testing etc.)

2. Sub-level processes {planning} = (feasibility assessment, job preparation, quality planning, develop manufacturing plan)

3. Activities {feasibility assessment} = (assess the design, assess resources and inventory, estimate lead time, cost analysis ...)

4. Tasks {assess design} = (determine part volume, determine part complexity to manufacture, determine if fixture is needed ...)

5. Work Instructions for each task.

I hope this explains what I'm requiring.

I'm presuming the process plans, workflow maps, workflow processes etc are the tools I will need to use, I just don't understand how these tools are hierarchically defined, interlinked and decomposed from high to low level functions.

Secondly, is the process quality document essentially the same as a standard operating procedure (SOP)?