AML Report Exported as Excel Doc

Good day all.  I have a customer that wants to export a list of all documents in Aras to an Excel document.  Is it possible to do this with an Aras report?  I have tried searching & it seems that all of the answers that have been given do not apply.  Most of my searches turn up information on how to import an Excel document.  I would be good with a CSV file also.  Thank you for the help.

  • Hi Nathan,

    There's a few different built-in options for exporting data from Innovator to an Excel file.

    The first option is the most simple which is to just use the export to Excel functionality that's built-in to all Aras grids. If you're just trying to print out simple metadata, this approach should work for you.

    1. The Export to Excel action that you can use
    2. The max number of entries in the grid. If you want to print all of your documents, you can clear this field and re-run the search.

    If you're looking for a little more control over how the data looks, you could also use a Tree Grid View (TGV). If you're interested in this approach, I'd recommend checking out our introductory blog post. We also have a more advanced blog post that goes over some ways you can customize the view even more.

    Normal Aras reports allow you to heavily customize the eventual look of the report, so they do not have built-in functionality to export them to Excel. However, Aras subscribers have access to Self Service Reports which follows a more streamlined process to build a report and also comes with built-in functionality to export the report to Excel. 

    Lastly, you could also write a completely custom method to generate a CSV file based on the Document items in the database. This approach would be good if you have a very large number of Documents in your system or if you're going to be generating this Excel file frequently. 


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer

  • Chris,

    Thank you for the quick reply.  I have tried the Query Builder, but have not had any success with it.  It only seems to give me information on the current document I am in.  I'm sure I am missing something. 

    I believe that the team that is asking for the report is blanking out the Page Size & then exporting to Excel, but with over 46,000 documents, they have to do it in chunks. 

    When I try to create a Self Service Report for this, I receive a runtime error.  Not sure if this is due to our licenses not being updated (I'm trying to fix that, but our server is not connected to the internet).

    I was thinking about a custom method, but haven't gotten there yet. 

  • Hi Nathan,

    You might want to check out the Opening a TGV with a Method section of the advanced blog post. Most of the TGV examples you'll find will add the TGV as a relationship tab to an item. When you do this, the item you are looking at is used as a filter for the query, so you will only see results that are related to that current item. When you open the TGV with a method, it opens up the query to instead get all of the results in the database. 

    With 46,000 documents, you may run into the same issue of needing to do it in chunks though. A method will probably be your best bet. If you do end up writing a method and you're new to .NET, you can check out this doc which contains an example of how to use the standard .NET libraries to create a File.


  • Chris,

    You rock!.  Thanks for the info, I will check it out.