UX - Collapse TOC - v12

I'd really like to collapse this tree dijit widget. I know it is possible:



But, where!? This should be a simple button add and oh-so-convenient!

It is hard for me to track down just where this tree is instantiated. Gosh, I really need to get through "Configuring Solutions" so I can finally email from this thing (I think page 101, where you're editing forms for use in the view(s) of ItemTypes is a big light on the path for me). But, I think my attention to UX might help improve Innovator while it makes me segue a LOT.

From viewing rendered source it looks like you could use pure JS to do this. You'd find all the "secondary" or "TOC" li elements with: class="aras-nav__parent aras-nav__parent_expanded"

...and remove all the aras-nav_parent__expanded(s), leaving just, "aras-nav__parent".

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