12sp05 packaging error on a simple item with ITPresentationConfiguration


I get a message I never saw while creating a package. I thougth it was due to a missing element but I reproduce it only by

- 1 creating a simple object

- add the TOC access (and permission/creation)

- add it to a new package (1 form+ 1 item)

- Then export it

- and try to import it to a brand new db from the 12sp innovator backup db...

I get that message :

DELAYED RESOLUTION: applying AML <Item type='ItemType' id='D9D992E995EC41BB8B6B852510384D05' action='edit' doGetItem='0' version='0'><Relationships><Item type="ITPresentationConfiguration" id="9807CFE5BF3BD9466B77D6069BFA2DFF" action="add"><client>js</client><related_id keyed_name="tr_i001_project_TOC_Configuration" type="PresentationConfiguration">9807CFE5BF3BD94636326AA7318BB90D</related_id><sort_order>128</sort_order><source_id keyed_name="tr_i001_project" type="ItemType" name="tr_i001_project">D9D992E995EC41BB8B6B852510384D05</source_id></Item></Relationships></Item>

In the exported package I have this lines I never saw before

<Item type="ITPresentationConfiguration" id="7ACFCDADA1BD72956B77D6069BFA2DFF" action="add">
<related_id keyed_name="tr_i001_projet_TOC_Configuration" type="PresentationConfiguration">7ACFCDADA1BD729536326AA7318BB90D</related_id>
<source_id keyed_name="tr_i001_project" type="ItemType" name="tr_i001_project">2E959A23C5D640B79FA45579D827BDEC</source_id>

With 11spX I never get that issue.

Thanks for your help, for the moment the support only tell me I might miss some element in the package... Since I reproduce the bug with only 1 items and the corresponding form I am a little bit confuse...

  • Hi Hadrien

    You can check below things

    1. While exporting the package, check

    • Export referenced Item - Unchecked
    • Reference to unknown Packages - Remove with Warning

    2. Does your item type has any relationship ?. If so, you have to add the relationship also to the package and export.

    3. You can remove the client presentation if not required in item type client style tab. Try export and import after that

    3. In import tool, the type should be 'Merge'

    4. You can check the logs in the import folder. Generally logs will be in the same folder where import.exe is located

    Thank You

    Gopikrishnan R

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your answer... But still the problem...

    1) It was done like that

    2) No I had the problem on a complexe package, but I reproduce the bug with only 1 item + its form

    3) I did it's raising the error anyway

    3 bis) of course it is...

    4) logs are... hum not helping...

    5) the support Aras propose to modify the AML with update action instead of add, it does not work and raise the error

    What's really bothering me is that I do a package exactly as for 11spX version without problem...