Scripting Tools for ARAS Import

I am using licensed ARAS with the Batch Loader - not a problem. Batch loading doesn't allow logic to be applied to the data import. Also, I have engineers who would like to batch load objects, without the local installation of the Batch Loader.

However, I am about to embark on some data migration (Parts, BOM and Documents) using REST and AML that requires the functions of:

- Test if an Item already exists?

- Create an Item

- List an existing item

- List the related items from an Item

- Upload a file

Due to enterprise Standard Operating Environment, the tool sets available, in order of preference are:

1. Powershell - on every PC

2. R, and associated libraries, on some PC

3. Java, on one PC only 

Is there any templates that I can leverage to develop the above capablities?

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