Attribute suppression with multiple parameters

Hi, I'm looking to add a suppression to my ItemAnalysis.Suppressions xml file using 2 parameters in the same attribute suppression. How do I go about this/is this even possible? Currently we're on Aras 11SP12.

We're looking at the following case. We want to enable appointing assignees in a workflow using the batchloader. To do so I need to use the following AML:

<AML><Item action="add" type="Activity Assignment">
  <source_id><Item type="Activity" action="get" where="[Activity].id IN (
    innovator.[ACTIVITY] a
    LEFT JOIN innovator.[WORKFLOW_PROCESS] wp on wpa.SOURCE_ID = wp.ID
    LEFT JOIN innovator.[WORKFLOW] w on w.RELATED_ID =
    LEFT JOIN innovator.[DOCUMENT] d on d.ID = w.SOURCE_ID
    WHERE a.LABEL_NL = 'name of some activity recognizable to the user, or @parameter1'
    AND wp.STATE = 'Active'
    AND d.ITEM_NUMBER = 'itemnumber of some document, or @parameter2'
    AND d.IS_CURRENT = '1')">
  <related_id><Item type="Identity" action="get" where="[Identity].keyed_name='some known identity'"></Item></related_id>

So to find the right activity I need the name of that activity (or at least what a user recognizes as such) and the itemnumber of the document the activity assignment ultimately relates to. In order to fit this in the format required by the ItemAnalysis.Suppressions I'd have to supply 2 separate parameters but I don't think this is supported.

How can I get this to work, with the knowledge that we're looking to migrate to Aras 12 and therefor adding <operating_parameter key="parse_item" value="false"/> to InnovatorServerConfig.xml won't be a longterm solution?