ConsoleUpgrade.exe to execute AML in batch mode


I use ConsoleUpgrade.exe to export a package from a DEVELOPMENT aras environment and to import this package in a PRODUCTION aras environment.

After the import, I need to execute some specific AML to clean some ItemType or execute some methods.

Here is an example of AML I need to execute:

<AML><Item type="Method" action="COCO_UPDATE_LISTS"></Item></AML>

I can execute it with Nash but I would like to do it by batch.

I tried to put an AML file with the same content in the package but this file is not treated by ConsoleUpgrade.exe.

Do you know a way to execute an AML in batch ?

  • Hi Miraks,

    Aras does provide a Batchloader utility to subscribers that can support batch AML updates of any kind including ones using custom actions like you're trying to do.

    However, I don't think this is possible with the standard Import/Export tools. Most if not all of the standard actions are available through these tools however. If you need to do any ItemType cleanup, you can store some delete statements either in separate files or appended to the AML of one of your other files. Similarly, if you need to update any lists, I've been able to run edit actions inside of import packages before as well.

    As a last alternative, you could write a simple script to send this custom action request to the server via the REST API.


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer

  • Hi Miraks,

    are you aware of the "Fixes" folder? You can create a folder named "Fixes" next to the "" file and put any AML statements there.

    This is executed after the import by the "Import" tool, I don't know if "ConsoleUpgrade" respects this as well.