Customize Advance Search on Form

Hi Experts,

I am looking for customizing the advance search window on the item form. In Aras for main grid and relationship we have the "Advance Search" option and according to the criteria it shows the result. 

What i am trying to do is, create the HTML control on the form and show the Advance search future on the form. I will select the criteria on the form and on click of search the result will be added in the relationship tab of same item.

I tried many things to do this but not successful yet.

Anyone have idea about it?

Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Aaba,

    Could you clarify what benefit you're trying to achieve by adding this search functionality to the Form?

    Getting the actual control to appear on the Form is one challenge, but there's a lot of extra checks and validations that would need to happen to make things work as you're describing. 


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer

  • Hi Christopher, 

    I would like to allow user to search using the Advance Search (Item Properties and xProperties etc) and the returned results are required to Save in the relationship so that it will be used for future work. Once the results are saved in the relationship then it will be sent to other team using workflow. 


  • Hi Aaba,

    Would it satisfy your requirements to instead save the search criteria using the favorite functionality as described in this blog post? Part of the built-in functionality of favoriting searches is the ability to share a search, so you can easily share the results with the other team in this case. If you later want to programmatically apply the search results, it looks like there's an API call you can use to load in a favorited search (see the Method cui_common_favoritesearch_click for an example).


  • Dear Chris, Is there any documentation on how to use the Experimental grid or do you know how to use it? I am planning to use that grid for search parameters and generate the query in customized way.

    Thanks You.

  • Hi Aaba,

    After reading through this question again, I think I understand what you're trying to do. Instead of embedding the advanced search grid in the Form, I'd recommend adding a button that launches a search dialog. When the user makes their selection and returns from this dialog, you can then add the results as relationships.There's some sample code for how to launch a search dialog from a method in this blog post

    Search dialogs are both easier to use and are more widely used, so I'd recommend taking this approach since you can find a lot of existing sample code.