Compressed text property

Frequently, on ItemTypes, I use a "Text" property to store json data.

Because, the json is very verbose and can be compressed to reduce the taken space in database and network traffic, I use LZString.compressToBase64 before a setProperty and LZString.decompressFromBase64 after a getProperty.

This could be very developer friendly if ARAS could provide a new type named "compressed" (or whatever you want) doing this transparently.

I don't know how to submit an idea, so I doing it here.
Thank you for considering it.

  • Hi miraks,

    Thank you for the idea! This is something that I had never considered before, but definitely makes sense if you're storing large amounts of compressable text. I've filed as an enhancement internally for now, but I'll also keep this in mind for the projects I work on in the future.


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer

  • Hi Miraks,

    thanks for the tip! In my case we are not storing json data, but transfer them from Aras to another system and vis-versa. I spend a lot time to minimize the amount of transferred data, but never came to the idea of compressing the data.