I want to edit a CAD document with IOM.dll in C# and put a thumbdail using a .jpg file but it is not putting the picture. How can I do it?

I have searched the forum before and people talk about Rons document. However I can't find it.
My actual code goes below, it is working for all other properties, except for the thumbdail:
string DateAndTime = DateTime.UtcNow.ToString("dd/MM/yyyy HH\\:mm\\:ss");
string AUX = itemX.getProperty("last_change_time");
itemX.setProperty("last_change_time", DateAndTime);
itemX.setFileProperty("native_file", NewFileNameAndPath);
itemX.setFileProperty("thumbnail", NewPicNameAndPath);
itemX.setProperty("description", "Hello World Agostinho Matos YY");

  • Who is Ron? :)

    itemX.setProperty("thumbnail","vault:///?fileId=XXX") - for thumbnails in the Vault

    itemX.setProperty("thumbnail,"../customer/images/RonOnTheBeach.jpg"); - for thumbnails in codetree

  • Hi Angela

    I have added the image file like below and next I add the image as you said to the CAD item:

    var ItemVault = Innovator.newItem("File","add");
    ItemVault.setProperty("filename", PicName);
    var ItemResult = ItemVault.apply();

    However the picture doens't appear. I have looked in the Files list in Aras and the picture file it isn't there. I think I am adding the picture file wrongly to the Vault.

    Kind Regards