How implement method aras to get data from data base oracle using DLL!!!!

How implement method aras to get data from data base oracle using DLL!!!!contact me!

i created method c# in VS .net that connect the database oracle, some one have idea how create method in aras that get this data from data base !!! 

  • Hi Hammami,

    I seen your code and it is windows forms application. You can't inject Windows Form Application in Aras because Aras is web application(asp application) instead of windows forms application create Class library Project. 

    Create one method in your class library as shown in below screen shot

    Compile your project. OracleDBConnection dll will create.

    1. Copy the OracleDBConnection dll in server bin folder  e.g.(C:\Program Files (x86)\Aras\Innovator\Innovator\Server\bin).

    Register your dll in method-config.xml file (C:\Program Files (x86)\Aras\Innovator\Innovator\Server) 

    1. Open method-config.xml file :

    2. Add your dll the namespace under <ReferencedAssemblies> xml tag

    3. Add your dll reference in <Template name="CSharp">

    4. Create your method in Aras and call your dll method from aras method.

    If you have any doubt in this then please refer my second comments which is mention for calculation.dll

    It is possible in Aras to connect with Oracle database without creating DLL also.

    1. Register System.Data.OracleClient dll in aras. (I already mention how to register dll in Aras)

    2. Create server side method in Aras and write your connection code.



  • Thank a lot Suhas it work fine :)