Custom CUI items in relationships - do I add them in the Parent or Child ItemType?

Hi community,

Innovator 12 offers us the new wonderful possibility to use custom CUI elements in relationships. Let´s assume we want to add a custom button to the Part_BOM relationship tab.

I know that I have to modify 'Client Style' in the corresponding ItemType. But do I have to do this in Part or Part BOM?

1. When I add my button in the Parent itemtype (Part) and use location 'ItemView.RelationshipsCommandBar' -> will my button be used in all related tabs?
2. When I add the button in the Child itemtype (Part_BOM) -> will it just be used only in the Part BOM tab?

I haven´t found any sample for a custom relationship button in Innovator 12 so far. The existing ones are used on a global level. Maybe anybody has tried this already and can share some experience?

Does the position have some influence to the Item context? For regular Actions we can choose the context to be Item or ItemType. I wonder if the same can be achieved with CUI elements. But I assume this question is worth an additional thread.

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  • Hi Community,
    I think might have already resolved this, but if anyone is still stumbles on this question confused with CUI customization for relationships tabs the answer is to create a Presentation Configuration for that specific relationship itemtype and then add the CommandBarSection to it.

  • Hi Sanman!

    Thanks providing a solutions for this question!

    The truth is: I never resolved this one, cause I decided that the original use case doesn´t require the relationship buttons. I change my initial design decisions very often....
    Since then I never tried again. So I was very happy to see your answer! I am pretty sure one day I will use it!