Disable a Relationship tab

Hello Team,

I need to disable a relationship tab as the User selects a option button on the form.

Detailed Info: I have a option button on a form. Once the user selects this option, a tab from relationship below should be disabled. I am trying to work this out on the OnChange Field event for the option button but its not working. I am able to do the same on the OnFormPopulate event but it wont work on real time, only when the form is refreshed, it works.

I need a solution where i can be able to disable enable the relationship tab as soon as the user selects or deselects the option button.

Please advise.

Thanks in advance,


  • Hi Mithun,

    that´s an interesting use case. I assume you need a combination of the onFormPopulate Method with an onChange/onClick Method.

    I made a very quick&dirty test to disable a tab on button click:

    var rel_dom = parent.relationships.document;
    var relId = "6B5481B4B83A48CBA0C958ECD5407B12"; // id of RelationshipType
    var style = "display: none;";
    var tab = rel_dom.querySelector('li[data-id="' + relId + '"]');

    tab.setAttribute("style", style);

    // todo: select another tab if disabled tab is active.


    This one just disabled the tab. But the tab content itself of course still will be visible when users already selected the tab. But I assume it should be possible to automatically switch to another tab. Would be cool if you could share your results!