In Aras 12 After user login, it is not redirecting from OAuth to default.aspx page.


In Aras 12 after user login it is not redirecting from OAuth page to default.aspx page.

It is showing blank page with below error message in browser console:

Uncaught (in promise) Error: No matching state found in storage at oidc-client.min.js:3

But if we enter below link manually in a browser address  then it is working.




  • Hi everyone, we are facing the same issue, did you find the solution?

    Thanks in advance


  • Hello Santiago,

    Update redirectUrispostLogoutRedirectUris tags in your OAuth.config file.

    File path-> ../OAuthServer/OAuth.config

    Please find the below screen shot:



  • Hello Suhas 

    thanks for replying, I have already updated the fields with my public IP address as shown in your screenshot, and the error message ‘invalid redirect uri’ desapeared. After that I just get the blank screen when logging in with both root and admin accounts and it shows the message ‘No matching state found in storage’ in console. This happens when trying to log from any client pc over internet (chrome). However, when logging from inside the server everything goes well in localhost, am I missing another config file fix?

    thanks again in advance