How can I add an Item selector to a Form used in TOC View

Hi community,

I want to build a TOC view Form that is completely independent from any ItemType. The Form shall only represent an input mask for end users.

I wonder if it´s possible to add an Item selector to TOC view forms. Of course we cannot use any item as data source, so we have to use Method.

I added a Item property without data source to my Form and tried this onLoad Method to tie the item selector to an ItemType:

var item = getFieldComponentByName('myPartSelector');

item.component.request = function() {
var itemType = "Part";
var maxCount = "6";

var req =
'<Item type="' + itemType + '" select="keyed_name" maxRecords="' + maxCount + '" action="get">' +

return ArasModules.soap(req, {async: true});

I know that something similar is possible with dropdowns. But unfortunately my version didn´t work. The returned value of getFieldComponentByName seems to be undefined. Is there any way to use Item selectors in TOC Views at all?