Show Export to Excel button in Tree Grid View Aras 11SP15


Is there a way to add the button Export to Excel in a Tree Grid View result? I'm working on Aras 11SP15. 

I saw that this feature is available by default in Aras 12SP01. I tried to add it through ItemType (for example Part) -> Client Style -> Click on existing related item -> Presentation Configuration but I didn't succeed.

Any kind of help would be appreciate.


  • Hi, 

    this feature was one of the main reasons I installed a test version of Innovator 12. We also use 11SP15 and I want to do the exact same, but didn´t have the time to test yet.

    I assume adding a custom button to the TGV is not a big deal. We can use the CUI element of innovator 12 and use the same onClick Method. But I assume we also have to change the code tree files.

    What will happen when you replace your 11SP15 folder content in ..\Client\Modules\aras.innovator.TreeGridView with the stuff from Innovator 12? (I hope you have a test environment where you can work in the codetree without influencing your production environment).

    Especially the folder ..\aras.innovator.TreeGridView\Scripts\Viewer contains code related to the Excel export. Would be happe to know your results!

  • Hello,

    I tried your solution but when I replaced the folder ..\Client\Modules\aras.innovator.TreeGridView with the same as is in Aras12, I got an error when I tried to display the TGV result.

  • I made a quick test by myself. In my case, replacing the codetree content had the following effect:

    - Export to Excel worked!! 
    - But the TGV content was not displayed anymore. 

    I assume we have to choose between two variants:
    Option 1: The current tgv import package used in Innovator 11SP15 does high likely not fit to the Innovator 12 codetree files. Maybe we should also overwrite the complete import package. We can export the relevant TGV package from Innovator 12 and import it to Innovator 11SP15. But I am not sure, if the TGV package will require other elements of Innovator 12. But it would be worth a try.
    - Option 2: Instead of replacing the complete codetree folder, we just should replace the files or code parts relevant for Excel export. TGV in Innovator 12 is mainly an extended version of 11SP15. The most basic parts are equal. This one is more a step by step approach.