How to display database name on bottom in Innovator 12?

Hi community,

I am right now playing around with Innovator 12 and have some trouble to differentiate two databases that run on the same server.

In Innovator 11, the name of the database is shown at the bottom of the Innovator screen. This way it was always easy to see, which database is in use right now. Innovator 12 removed the database hint. When I want to discover the current used database name, I have to go to the menu in the bottom right corner, which means two additional clicks. The database information is not relevant for end user. But as admin I constantly move around between multiple databases. Is it possible to customize Innovator 12 so it will show the database information again?

Are there any other ways to differentiate two databases on the same server? When having a full second server instance, it´s possible to use a custom logo for the second instance. Maybe we can do something similar on database level?

I would be happy about any ideas that makes admin live easier in Innovator 12!


  • Hi Angela,

    the first thing that popped into my head was using System Events. You could create a system event that triggers on successful login of a user, checks if that user is admin, and if so, retrieves the database name and adds it to the top toolbar.
    This should do the trick with limited effort involved, especially since it doesn't have to look pretty if it's just for you/admins.

    Hope this helps,


  • Hi Angela,

    This is a great idea. :) It's something I've been wanting back from 11.0 as well. Since CUI is used much more extensively in 12.0, I took a crack at this using a similar approach to how the ItemType label is dynamically loaded on the search grid. I got something working pretty quickly, so I packaged it up and uploaded it as a community project here.


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer

  • Well, that I call fast! 

    Thanks both of you for the input and your ideas!

    @ Chris: I can confirm that your project works excellent. Can´t believe that there really was an Innovator 12 designer who thought the database link would be useless and could not blend into the layout. :)