Multilevel BOM Report hyperlinks

How can I add hyperlinks to the Multilevel BOM report so that the Part Numbers in the table are clickable links that would open that part in another tab? 

  • Hello,

    You might be able to do this by modifying the Stylesheet of the Multilevel BOM report. This stylesheet generates HTML based on the BOM structure passed into it, so you can likely add links <a href="LINK_TO_YOUR_ITEM"/> to the report. 

    Note that when modifying the stylesheet, you will need to click the Apply button at the bottom before saving the Report in order to keep your changes.


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer

  • Did not work, I got it to work another way though. Thanks for the help anyways!

  • Hi jmadrid,

    If you're willing to share, would you mind posting the general approach for your solution here? :) I'd bet someone else will stumble upon this forum post in the future who's looking to do the same thing.


  • Sure, its a bit complicated to explain but I'll do my best.  

    I implemented PLM's existing ability to create a link to an ItemType. For example in a part record, if you navigate to the top task-bar and select File > Properties > Copy Link. This is a shareable link that can be sent to someone that opens that ItemType in another PLM tab. For a part this link ends in:


    Additionally, this link opens another browser tab to let the user know that the link worked, and that was messing things up in PLM. To overcome that, I created an iframe as such:

    <iframe src="javascript.html" width="0" height="0" tabindex="-1" title="empty" class="hidden" name="iframe_Part"/> 

    Then I hid the iframe with the following CSS:

    iframe.hidden {display:none}

    To implement this in the stylesheet, I replaced the following line:

    <xsl:value-of select="item_number"/>

    With this <a> element:

    <a href="URL_BEFORE_FORWARD_SLASH/?StartItem=Part:{id}" target="iframe_Part"> <xsl:value-of select="item_number"/></a>. 

    Just be cautious when using this link. If your hyperlink is a one derived from a part record, it will not open a CAD or Document, those have different links that look like the following, respectively:



    Also, I said URL_BEFORE_FORWARD_SLASH because this would vary from company to company. 

    I hope this helps. Thanks!