Invalid grant when requesting a token

Hello !

I'm using a java application to connect to Aras innovator but i encounter a problem i can't seem to fix when using a remote instance of Aras Innovator.

I followed the steps provided here :

When in a local context, absolutely no problem, i can get the token and do whatever i want with it. But once i'm trying to connect to the remote instance (located on a aws server), i'm getting this error :

    "error_description""Object reference not set to an instance of an object."
In Postman, my parameters are the followings : 
They are the same as for the local connection since only the address of the OAuth server is changing.
What can i do ?
  • Hello,

    If you have access to the server, could you go to the install location of Aras Innovator and open the /OAuthServer/OAuth.config file. Scroll down to the IOMApp client registry and confirm that the password grant type is supported.

                <clientRegistry id="IOMApp" enabled="true">
                        <scope name="openid"></scope>
                        <scope name="Innovator"></scope>
                        <scope name="offline_access"></scope>
                        <grantType name="password"></grantType>
                        <grantType name="authorization_code"></grantType>
                        <redirectUri value="iomapp://token/"></redirectUri>
                    <tokenLifetime accessTokenLifetime="3600" authorizationCodeLifetime="300" refreshTokenSlidingLifetime="36000" refreshTokenOneTimeOnly="true" refreshTokenAbsoluteExpiration="false"></tokenLifetime>

    If this grant type is not specified, could you try adding it to see if that resolves your error? You may need to restart IIS on the server after making this change. 


  • Hello ! 

    Thanks for the answer. Howether, i re installed Aras and the error was gone. But for information, the password grant type was supported. I really don't know what happenned but fortunately my problem is solved.