BOM feature


Is it possible to modify BOM that we can see all parts levels, not just top-level, something like in the 'BOM Structure'?

I think it would be helpful to see this information when building a BOM.

You could even have a feature that lets you add a part directly to another level. 

This could speed up work by creating the BOM.

Many thanks

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  • Hi Erlandas,

    Tree Grid Views allow you to use the configurable user interface (CUI) to define custom toolbars and context menus to extend the default functionality they provide. The BOM Structure on Part is displayed using a tree grid view, so it might be possible to do this by adding an action to the context menu that lets you choose parts to add at different levels. While we don't have any examples of using CUI with tree grid views specifically, we do have several blog posts that go over the basics of CUI that you could take a look at.


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer