HOW do i pass user's id or name to html?

1. I want to let user can watch their KPI

some boss user can watch eveyone's KPI

some empoyee user can only watch them self's KPI

so I need pass user's name or id to the KPI web

How can I do?


2. Item's TOC View -> Parameters

How to use that field?


TOC View -> Form[...] 

I set "KPI.html"

and don't know next step...

HOW to use that Field?

If you can help me solve it, I will be very grateful!!

  • Hi Zachary,

    I haven´t used this feature yet, but maybe this one helps. Check out the ItemType that Aras uses for creating Dashboards. 

    For example take a look in ItemType "Design to Goal". In this ItemType the TOC View uses Parameters that link to ..\Client\scriptsDashboard.html in the codetree.

    Do not mix up the Form and Start Page properties. You cannot use them the same time. You either can display a regular Innovator Form OR a custom html start page. You can use the Name property to define which group can see which html/page or form.

    I am not sure if it is possible to pass the user id within the parameters property. I know that it is possible to pass certain properties within the parameters. It´s often used in RelationshipType Views, e.g.


    You can see that this parameter passes the itemID, related_id,... . but all of them are item properties, so I am not sure if you can get the current user id the same way.

    Can you maybe use Form with an onLoad event that gets the user id to filter the actual content? You could display your html content within the Form and don´t need to care about parameter passing.