Can't map query elements in tree grid view


I have been trying to solve a problem I have with using the tree grid views. I can't seem to map certain elements. I wanted to make a recursive tree grid view based on a relation to a poly item where both poly sources had a relationship to the poly item. I was able to set up a query definition that seems to work fine when i run the test query, but certain elements won't map in the tree grid view. I have tried a few different ways to set up the query and while I've mainly worked in aras 11 sp12, I have also tried it in the open version of aras 12. It seems like the tree grid views have issues mapping element when there are multiple instances of "reuse query definition" in the query.

Has anyone encountered or solved this problem?

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Query def:

Tree grid view:

  • Hi Rick,

    I've encountered the same issue and implemented a possible fix for this. I've not tested it completely but it looks good so far (=
    Could you test the fix on a development environment and check if it solves your problem?

    Two code tree files have to be modified to enable the tree grid view editor to map multiple elements pointing to the same recursion starting point (the files are from an ootb aras innovtor 11 sp 14 installation):

    1. \Innovator\Client\Modules\aras.innovator.TreeGridView\Scripts\Configurator\Models\QueryDefinition\QueryReferenceModel.js
      Here I added a setter to the already existing getter for the property parentRefId on QueryReferenceModel object as shown below:

    2. \Innovator\Client\Modules\aras.innovator.TreeGridView\Scripts\Configurator\DataLayer\BranchBuilder.js
      Here is the main fix. The parentRefId property from recQueryReference object is not always the same as the _queryItemRefId property from lowLevelTreeRow object. This is caused by storing the query items in a dictionary where the key is the refId to the recursion query element. So when the first recursion is mapped, everything is fine, but if another recursion will be defined to the same recursion source object the dictionary will return the wrong query item:

    Let me know, if you have further questions or suggestions on this!

    Best regards,

  • Hi,

    Unfortunately it didn't work for me, it seems like it made one of the items "jump" out of its place in the structure instead. Since my programming experience is limited, I don't know if I have any useful suggestions to offer.

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