PSW lifecycle state promotions


How is the lifecycle promotions for the part submission warrant set up out of the box? I can see that there's a "PPAP Lifecycle" r the PSW. Is it connected to any of the OOTB change management items or are you meant to manually promote the PSW? Are you meant to make your own workflow map for the PSW? It doesn't seem like I can promote it manually either. I'm using aras 11 sp12.

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  • Hi Rick,

    I am not familiar with the lifecycle in your screenshot. But in your example there are no "Roles" definied in the LifeCycle transition. You have to assign roles so people can vote manually. In you sample, nobody is allowed to vote right now :).

  • It's the lifecycle that was attached to the part submission warrant itemtype by default. My main question was if there was any built-in method to update the states of the PSW, if there isn't I'll just add roles to the lifecycle or add a workflow for the item. I mainly wanted to make sure that I wouldn't break anything else by customizing the lifecycle map.