Documentation about Presentation Configurations


I was wondering if there are any available documentation about :

  • Presentation Configurations
  • Command Bar Section

  • Command Bar Item
  • The structure the methods need to have

Thank you !


  • Hi AlBer,

    Outside of the blogs that Aras Labs has written, there's no publicly available documentation outlining the CUI data model. 

    As a general overview of the ItemTypes:

    • Presentation Configuration
      • The top-level CUI Item. Defines how the entire UI looks and can be thought of as having two types
      • Global Presentation Configuration
        • Defines the default UI
        • Accessible through the TOC under Administration > Configuration > Client Presentation
        • Change this if you want your new UI element to appear everywhere
      • ItemType Presentation Configuration
        • Defines UI for a particular ItemType
        • Accessible through the Client Style relationship tab of an ItemType
        • Change this if you want your new UI element to only appear when viewing a specific ItemType
    • Command Bar Section
      • Defines a particular section of the UI
        • e.g. search toolbar, relationship grid shortcuts, TOC context menu, etc.
      • In general, you will only ever modify existing sections
        • Look at the Location of the section to see which one you need to modify
    • Command Bar Item
      • Defines an individual element of the UI
        • e.g. buttons, menus, separators, shortcuts, etc.

    This is a large topic to cover. I'd recommend looking at the blogs and projects that are tagged with CUI for some additional information and examples. Let me know if you have any specific questions that aren't answered by the existing resources. :) 


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Las Software Engineer

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your answer.

    I was wondering if it is possible to use C# rather than JS in client event methods (for interface interaction purposes) ?

    Best regards,


  • Hi AlBer,

    Because Aras Innovator is a web application, the methods attached as client events need to be JavaScript. However, it would be possible to contain most or all of your logic inside of a C# method and then call that method from your client method with JavaScript code like below.

    aras.applyMethod("Your Method Name", "<your_property>Prop Value</your_property><your_other_property>Prop Value</your_other_property>");