How to download IOM.Android.dll

Hi everyone,

I was going to write an android App for Aras to input Data from mobile, but I couldn't find IOM.Android.dll reference.

I have only been programming android for over 1 week. Please to help me.

I would be happy if someone could share how Android programming on Aras. For example, a similar article.


Henry Tu

  • Hi Henry,

    The IOM.Android.dll can be found in the Aras Innovator CD Image that is available to subscribers. If you have any questions about this or another subscriber benefit, you can send those to .

    As an alternative to using a DLL at all, you can also take advantage of the Aras REST API to handle all of your queries and updates. If you want some examples of how to use the REST API in code, you can take a look at some of the projects on the Aras Labs GitHub page such as the REST Auth Example, REST Upload example, and PWA Sample App. Using the REST API also helps to make your app more maintainable by removing the need to update the IOM DLL for new releases of Innovator.

    We also have another blog post publishing later today that covers the REST API in more detail.


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer