Can I customize Tree Grid View input XML



Question about Tree Grid View/method functionality. I'm are creating some kind of tree (for example Part BOM) & data comparison tool. I'm utilizing Query builder and I have 2 different query results in my method at hand.


And now we are planning how to visualize the comparison results to the user. One idea was to utilize Tree Grid View which would fit well in our plans in many levels, but is it customizable enough is the big question.


Can I somehow feed or get TGV to read my results? Can I somehow use CSS or modify how TGV could show the results (for example I want to use colors to show the differences between structures & data)?


Or is it so the TGV always need's direct results from Query Builder? And the XML it's eating cannot be changed - or are they way to modify it?


Or are there any other ways to do it? I believe this is not unique problem.


I'm using query builder similarly like in: And I'm utilizing Form Dialogues currently to ask from user what to compare.




Jukka Lehtinen

  • Hi Jukka,

    where you successful with this topic? 

    Since I while I want to achieve similar topics (custom XML input in TGV and coloring) but so far only had mixed results.

    I think both topics are possible. Regarding coloring there seem to be a view of not integrated components inside Innovator already.


  • Hey Angel,
    Ever get the TGV coloring working? I'm trying to find some examples of where to start, and running into very little helpful stuff out there.

  • Well, see my "Trees are my nemesis in 2022" answer in this post:

    No, I weren´t able to do TGV coloring yet. The T in TGV stands for torture and Aras enjoys to see me suffering. Laughing

    I found a few references regarding styling inside the used ItemTypes, but they were dead ends.

    Aras once showed a colored tree in a webinar:

    But to my knowledge they didn´t use TGV for the example, but the underlying tree-engine to build a full custom tree. At least that was the answer I got. 

    I still wait to find the perfect sample for this one.

    I had an alternative idea, but didn´t do much testing yet:

    So far we can do coloring in the regular grid pretty easily with the css property. We can hardcode the css property or fill it dynamically with an onAfterGet Method. The css content is simply thrown as inline stylesheet to each grid row.

    I discovered that standard grid and TGVs are not so much different. They actually seem to share more code then expected. 

    But so far TGVs ignore the CSS property. If we could change QB/TGV engine to include the CSS property, coloring would be pretty easy. Let me know your result :)