Possible to change the style of a "Formatted text" in a form?


Is it possible to remove the "border" around the formatted text field. I can change background colors and so on but i havent found any way to remove the "border"!

I use it for hyperlinks to documents outside ARAS and want only the hyperlinks to be visible not the border.


  • Hi Fred,

    You can add field-specific css under the Field CSS tab of the Form Editor. Typically any CSS here will be applied to the container element that holds the input and label, but what you're looking for is to remove the border of the text field itself. To do this, you can add some specially formatted CSS like below.

    {$this field rule} span {
        border-width: 0 !important;

    Using {$this field rule} allows you to apply CSS to the child elements of the field instead of the container. Formatted text fields use a <span/> element to draw the border, so all I've done here is set the border-width any <span/> elements in my field to 0 so that they are effectively hidden.


    Christopher Gillis

    Aras Labs Software Engineer 

  • Hi Christopher!

    Thanks for the help, that worked fine.

    Very good to know how i can use CSS also for the child items!


  • Hi Christopher,

    What child element is used to apply CSS on a Field Type Dropdown if I want to change border radius etc?

    {$this field rule} xxx {
        border-radius: 2px; 


    Thanks in advance!


  • Hi Chris,

    You'll need to figure out what HTML element is used as the input for each field type. The easiest way to do this is to use your browsers developer tools (typically launched by pressing F12). These tools usually have a handy inspection tool that lets you click on an element in a page and see the HTML that represents it.

    To give you a starting point, I'd also recommend taking a look at this blog post on disabling form fields. While disabling fields isn't your goal, this blog post does cover what input elements are used for each type of field in Aras Innovator.