How to "Enable for Secure Social" on relationship without related item


In my data model, I have a relationship without related item.
I did that to delete automatically this object when the parent is deleted.

Now, I would like to enable Secure Social on this relationship but the button is disabled.
I'm able to do it on normal ItemTypes but not on relationship.

Is it normal?
Is there a way to enable it?

In advance, thank you for your support.

  • Hi Miraks,

    It appears that Secure Social cannot be configured on an ItemType which is marked as a relationship. Since you are creating a null relationship, there's no way to actually enable Secure Social on the related item, because it doesn't exist. 

    I believe you have two options. One is to just leave Secure Social enabled on the parent ItemType, since there's no child item for you to enable it on. The other option would be to change the null relationship to a real relationship with a custom ItemType, and enable Secure Social on that child ItemType. In addition to this, you could add a custom OnDelete events. These could be configured to delete any child items upon deletion of the parent item.


  • Hi Sebastian,

    Thank you for that quick answer.
    Is there a reason why "Secure Social" is not allowed on this type of ItemType (relationship without related item)?
    I would like to enable "Secure Social" on the relation, not on the related item (not existing in my case).
    Do you know if this constraint will be released in a future version?

    I well understood your proposal, but it means that I will have to:

    1- Implement a onBeforeDelete to delete the related items when the father is deleted

    2- Do code, to copy all related items when "Save As" is used on the father

    3- Do code, to avoid creation of related item if not done through the parent

    4- Do code, to avoid to reuse a related item in an other parent


    In my data model, relationship without related item is exactly what I need.

    It is a pity that "Secure Social" cannot be activated as simply as on other ItemTypes.
    I'd rather not activate it than have to recode everything.

    Thank you again for your answer.

  • HI Miraks,

    I've done some testing surrounding your question. I thought perhaps the lack of a form was why we were unable to add Secure Social to an ItemType marked Is_Relationship, however it seems to be much more complex than this. I tried manually enabling the button on the form, but there are a handful of checks stopping the addition of SSVC to an ItemType marked Is_Relationship.

    This use case is interesting, and I'll submit a request to to look into removing this restriction in a future release.

    In the mean time, another option would be setting the is_dependent flag on a child ItemType with SSVC enabled. The is_dependant flag only allows the child ItemType to exist within the context of the parent relationship. This will help reduce the amount of custom coding necessary to configure this relationship to your liking. 


  • Hi,

    Thank you for your analysis.
    You are right "Is dependant" can reduce the charge of work.